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Bazooka Jim
Bazooka Jim Screenshot Are the only freeware games around these crappy TGF and Klik & Play creations nowadays? This one is created by the last one mentioned, and is one horrible game.

The Only thing worth mentioning is the graphics, which are great for a K&P game. The rest of it is just horrible. Gameplay is a reminder of a classic: Rick Dangerous, But gameplay here isn't anywhere near as good. Again, this game is too hard. So OK, a little difficulty is always a good thing, but barely managing it to the 2nd screen after a hundred tries makes you more than mad. You die too often, because the enemies shoot YOU with their own bazookas and there is no James Bond luck with this character.

Explosions are too big, Even a scratch of the explosion pixel kills the character and there is only 3 lives. Sounds are fine, nothing but the usual stuff. Funnily enough, the installations program claims that this game is called 'Ace Racer' and it even creates the directory tree by that name. Why, if I may ask? - Tero Kerttula

Download: ZIP File
Publisher: J. Greenaway
Distribution: Freeware
Size: 1.1mb
Players: 1
Rating: 1/5

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