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Payback Time 2
Payback Time 2 Screenshot Payback Time 2 is a Laser Squad / X-COM type game, each player must set up a team, then spend cash on hiring men and buying equipment, such as weapons and medi-kits, then you take your teams onto the battlefield and do battle. The winner gets cash which he can then spend to hire more people/equipment, when you win you also get the enemys equipment, just like X-COM.

The game is similar to X-COM with it's isometric view although the levels are all on a single floor, but the great thing is that it's multiplayer, so you can have 2 human players battling it out, if you register you can have up to 4 human players, but the shareware limits you to 2.

If you don't have anyone else to play against you can take on a computer team, but playing against the computer is really crap, the computer was just put in so you can test weapons and armour - the game is designed to be played multiplayer.

If you register you can make your own weapons, armour, equipment and levels, but we think they would be better allowing people to make levels even when they haven't registered - other Shareware games do it.

Anyway, this is a great game, and if you liked Laser Squad or X-COM then it's a must. It would be even better if they made it multi-floored though. - Dean Hughes

Download: Zip File
Publisher: K. Luojus
Distribution: Shareware
Size: 671kb
Players: 1-2
Rating: 4/5

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