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Posted by Ha11owed @ 18:50 [December 10, 2020]
The forum will be setup here:, so go sign up now, all the forums links are going to point here when I get the time to update them. The Forum has a lot of stuff about cheats, but there is also a section for free games. :)

New Server
Posted by Ha11owed @ 13:58 [December 5, 2020]
We've now moved to a new server. For a while some CGI scripts were out of action, but they're working once more, unfortunatly the forum will remain down for a short while. Hopefully it'll be working once more by the end of the weekend.

Posted by Ha11owed @ 13:24 [October 19, 2020]
Things have been pretty hectic recently as I've now started back on my final year at Uni. and I had to decide on a final year project. But in the mean time I've uploaded a few more games to our server, which should improve the download speeds.

96 Reviews Added!
Posted by Ha11owed @ 20:51 [September 2, 2020]
I've worked hard this weekend to finish off converting all the old reviews to the new design - and here they are. There are now 96 new reviews in our games section, enjoy. :)

There may be a few broken links (some of the links are quite old now) as I've not had time to test them all yet, but they will be fixed soon. If you find some then please post on our forum.

Posted by Ha11owed @ 14:28 [August 28, 2020]
All the old reviews are going to be uploaded, it just takes time to change them all to the new (slightly) layout, and also to edit the links. I'll be checking all the links to make sure they work before I upload the reviews. Also, I've been working on the categories, and they'll be up along with the reviews. Probably in a few days.

Updated FAQ
Posted by Ha11owed @ 11:20 [August 25, 2020]
Our FAQ has been updated, it now contains info on our privacy policy and also advertising on this site.

Tracking System
Posted by Ha11owed @ 13:01 [August 24, 2020]
A tracking system has been setup on our server today, it basically tells us how busy each section is and which sites link to us. The next thing will be to upload our advertising information and our privacy policy.

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