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How can I help out?
Post a request on our Forum.

I've downloaded a game how do I play it?
Most games (and other files) on the Internet are in ZIP format, this basically this means you get all the files compressed into one file, which gives you a smaller, and faster download. To 'unzip' these files you will need an unzipping program, a popular one is at:, from there you can download the shareware version.

Are these games free?
Yes, you do not have to pay anything to download and play these games. Although some of the games may be shareware, those games will usually have a trial period in which you can freely play the game, but after that period has expired you are required to purchase the game to continue playing it.

How do I do X on game X?
Please post for help on the message boards, if you have errors with games then contact the author of the game, you can usually find their address in a text file distributed with the game.

Do you know where I can find game X?
If the game is not listed on our site then probably not. Please post requests for games on the message board.

Will you e-mail me a game?
No, this would take up too much of our time if we answered everyone of these requests.

How can I make this game run slower?
Use a program called MoSlo, you can easily find it by doing a search, but if your too lazy you can just download it here.

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