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Free Games Net began life as a small personal webpage, with a few games listed. The site was called, 'Small Playable Games', but after growing more and more popular we got our own domain name: (someone else owns that domain name now as I didn't care to buy it from our previous host). However, things didn't go well with our webhost (I'll go into detail about this some time) so we had to move and register another domain name:, and over the past few years the site has grown and grown.

In our prime the site got 6-8 thousand visitors a day and we've had numerous amounts of people writing reviews for us. Recently however web ads don't make as much money as they used to, so I can't put as much time into this site as I once could. As there were so many broken links on the old design I have redone the site, now I just list the best games (whats the point in having downloads if they're not worth it?), and there are no broken links, as I host the games on this server if they can't be found anywhere else.

The site today is still popular, and we're now on the best server we've ever had - a dedicated one which is fast, and gives us a LOT of bandwidth.

I'm happy to see our rivals are still going strong, such as, and, unfortunately is no longer under-development, this is a great shame as 'Kimmo's Gamepage' was the inspiration for Small Playable Games, and Kimmo's Gamepage went on to become


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